Our Mission

Keeping in mind the demand of this region, it is a step to facilitate this region a C.B.S.E. pattern school to provide value based & activity based education with modern technic of teaching and learning. The aim of our system of education is keeping the students from the maddening crowd of cities, the squalor of outside culture and thoughts , a proper development of their personalities, in the lap of benevolent nature, health and character building development of social interaction, keeping them far away from superstitions, encouraging students to adopt better living and high thinking, creating awareness among them about culture, civilization and society, promoting their positive attitude, inculcating in them a sense of unity and providing high conduct of oriented education etc.   As you know present era is the era of competition so a student must be prepared for the future in a better environment. All round development of the student is pour prime duty. The students are the pillars of a nation, so to make a nation strong, safe and progressive; we are dedicated to provide a quality based education.